SingSing Whitepaper

AI Scoring System

SingSing AI Score is a unique feature developed by SingSing that uses advanced artificial intelligence to evaluate a singer's performance based on three criteria: Pitch, Timbre, and Lyric. This powerful tool provides an accurate and objective assessment of a singer's abilities, making it an essential part of SingSing's innovative karaoke platform.

How SingSing AI Score Works?

SingSing AI Score uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the pitch, timbre, and lyric of a singer's voice. The AI evaluates each criterion on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 representing the highest possible score. The final score is the average of the following 3 criteria:


The pitch score reflects the accuracy of the singer's pitch. The AI evaluates the singer's ability to hit the right notes and stay in tune.


The timbre score reflects the singer's tone and texture. The AI evaluates the singer's ability to produce a clear and pleasant sound that matches the mood of the song.


The lyric score reflects the singer's ability to convey the meaning and emotion of the song. The AI evaluates the singer's ability to interpret the lyrics and deliver a performance that is engaging and expressive.

Why SingSing AI Score is Unique?

SingSing AI Score is a groundbreaking feature that sets SingSing apart from other karaoke apps. Unlike traditional karaoke systems, which rely on subjective evaluations by judges or audiences, SingSing AI Score provides an objective and accurate assessment of a singer's abilities. This allows users to track their progress over time, set goals, and improve their skills. SingSing AI Score is also fully integrated with the SingSing platform, making it easy for users to access and use.
In the future, SingSing also develops AI that adds the ability to evaluate the singer's expression through Webcam to have more criteria for scores.