Getting Started
How to Sing to Earn?
SingtoEarn is running a Testnet MVP version. Therefore, this is an interim guide for the current version. To start participating Sing and Earn Testnet MVP, users need to download the Sing and Earn SingSing app.

  • After installing the SingSing app on your mobile, you need to register a SingSing account with an email address. Then confirm email and log in to S2E SingSing App.

  • Initialize Crypto wallet and store 12 pharse-keys carefully, never reveal to anyone regardless of SingSing admins.
  • If you already have a BEP-20 wallet, import it by entering 12 pharse-keys.
  • Crypto Wallet used to transfer Tokens on BSC Mainnet into SingSing App. Or make other transactions on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

  • Transfer BNB & BUSD to Spending wallet (Hot Wallet) to be able to buy NFT Micro or as a fee for decentralized conversions and transactions. (BUSD for purchases & BNB for gas fees).
SingSing In-app Wallet
  • Spending wallet can also transfer tokens back to user's Crypto wallet.

  • Go to the Marketplace section to choose to buy yourself a NFT Microphone according to your needs. Please make sure you have enough BNB/BUSD to be able to trade.
SingSing In-app Marketplace
  • After having NFT Microphone, you can start with 1 energy in your account, restores 25% of total Energy every 6 hours.
  • Each energy is equivalent to 3 songs of singing, each song consume 1/3 energy.
  • To have more energy in your account, you need to buy more Microphones, each quality of Microphone has different values of additional energy. Up to 12 energy per account.

  • Go to the Microphone section to select the Microphone you want to use (recommend choosing the highest Microphone tier).
  • Go to Sing section and choose a song you want to sing Karaoke.
  • Sing and get score by AI to receive rewards.
  • Share your results with your friends.

  • Each Microphone Tier has different Resilience stats, so every time a power is consumed, the Microphone's Durability will be reduced by a different amount.
  • You need to repair to restore Durability, low Durability will affect Microphone's ability to earn per sing turn.
  • Durability repair costs also increase when the Microphone is upgraded to higher levels (the income is also higher).
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