Reward Pool

After the update of version 1.3, a new concept is brought forth to users by SingSing. If you check the icon on the upper left of your screen, you’ll find the Settings Menu and on top of this menu is the rewarding pool banner.

What is Reward Pool?

Reward Pool is a pool that displays the total current SingSing token reward volume of the SingSing system to reward players at SingSing through singing activities.
By checking this Reward Pool, users can estimate their rewards in future activities and decide whether to join.

What are incomes of Reward Pool?

The pool’s income comes from various sources. Easiest to see is from sponsorship, and 80% of SingSing’s revenue from genesis microphone NFT sales, minting fee will be sent to Reward Pool, while other 20% will go to SingSing’s platform maintenance fee.

Where does this Reward Pool go to?

This pool will contribute to 2 main activities: Rewarding users for sing&earn and joining community activities.
That means users can earn $SING token in 2 different ways. The first way is to sing everyday. A.I will base on your record and then give you a grade, which will determine how many $Sing token you will receive.
Find out how’s the grading mechanic works here: Reward Mechanics
The second way is to join in SingSing’s community activities, such as: Mini games, mini events, events, collaborations etc… Between you and me, SingSing always tries to maintain these activities as much as possible. So if you join us and keep tracks closely with our community, there’ll be a fat chance these community activities become a steady income.