Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet is a BEP-20 wallet, which users can create in SingSing App.
If the user already has a Crypto wallet like Trust Wallet, Metamask,... can import it into App SingSing by entering 12 phrase-keys.
Crypto wallets all have the same function, when there is a phrase key, they can be used without depending on the software that created that wallet. Therefore, this Crypto wallet can be used anywhere.

Spending Wallet

Spending Wallet is SingSing's in-app hot wallet, with the function of making in-app transactions easily, conveniently and saving gas costs for users.
Users need to transfer tokens like BNB/BUSD from Crypto wallet to Spending wallet to be able to perform in-app transactions.
From the Spending Wallet, tokens can be transferred to the Crypto Wallet for users to transact on Dex or transfer between wallets.