SingSing Whitepaper

Microphone Attributes

1. Microphone Type

  • There are 4 types of micros, based on the user's ability, arranged in order from basic to skilled.
  • The Earning Range and Earning Effect are also different, the more skilled, the higher the difficulty and the greater the reward.

2. Microphone Tier

  • There are 5 quality ranks, the higher the quality, the higher the earning effect and the higher the repair cost (the repair mechanism is not included in the MVP version).

3. Microphone ID

  • Microphone ID is the ID of the NFT asset minted on the Binance Smart Chain with ERC-721 Token format.

4. Earning Range

  • The score range required to obtain the reward after each singsing turn. The system's point scale is 100. If the score is out of range, the singer will not receive the reward. Each type has a different point range.

5. Additional Energy

  • With 1 microphone, each account will have 2 Energy / day, if player/ users have more microphone, more energy will be added. Each account can reach up to 12 energy / day

6. Sing And Earn Pool

  • The amount of $SING tokens can be earned from the Sing and Earn reward pool for this Microphone

7. Level

  • Shows the Microphone's current level.

8. Mint

  • The number of times this Microphone's mint has joined (affects the cost of minting)