SingSing Whitepaper


1. What is Referral Code?

  • Referral Code is issued to all activated accounts, for the purpose of recognizing each user's contribution in the development of the community.

2. How it works?

  • Users who already have an activated account will access the Referral area in the App and copy the Referral code and send it to friends.
  • Those friends when downloading the App and registering with that referral code, then buy a microphone, the referrer will receive a reward from SingSing.

3. Does the Referral Code have a usage limit?

  • Currently, SingSing's Referral system does not limit the number of uses per Referral Code.

4. Can a Referral Code be changed or expired?

  • Currently, a user's Referral Code is fixed to that person's account and cannot be changed nor expired.