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Official SingSing White Paper (last updated December 2022)


A potential project

SingSing is the brainchild of Vietnamese digital music tycoons, accompanied by leading blockchain organizations in Vietnam such as Tomochain, HUB and big investment funds such as Kyber Ventures, Funverse Capital, Lua Ventures...
Over 20 years working in music technology and performing, the SingSing team has extensive experience in building communities at the scale of millions.
With the advancements and development of new technologies, especially the blockchain, the project promises to be a platform to help connect millions of music lovers.


SingSing is the pioneering music blockchain project on Social Singing. This is a connection platform between singers, fans, music lovers and singing lovers. Where singing lovers can raise their voices and earn tokens from singing to earn and social-fi activities.
This is also a new opportunity, a revolution to new singers (up-coming) because they and their community of fans can invest together in new works, new experiences, or rare songs via NFT categories on SingSing.


SingSing focuses on developing in Asia in the period of 2022-2023 and aims to reach the global market from 2023. SingSing is invested to become a Blockchain-leading Music Super App and create a new playground bringing the best benefits to Singers, Fan and singing lovers
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