SingSing Whitepaper

How to get BUSD on Testnet

Testnet is a test protocol for a project before going into official operation. Therefore, all used currencies and tokens have no real value, can be obtained for free and freely used. Here, SingSing uses Binance Smart Chain's Testnet protocol.
1. BEP-20 Crypto Wallet Required
  • Can be created with SingSing App. (Save 12 secret pharse-keys carefully and never share with anyone, including admin SingSing, with these 12 pharse-keys you can login in other blockchain wallet applications).
  • Or use your existing Binance Smart Chain active wallet address like Metamask (Mainnet and Testnet share the same address)
2. Copy BEP-20 wallet address
Wallet Address has 42 characters, for example: 0x859AA4525c19829034CbbFD916F46c068F1*****
  • Select Crypto Wallet then select Receive and choose any token. Your Crypto wallet address is displayed here.
  • Select Copy Address to copy the Wallet Address
3. Access Binance Smart Chain Faucet
4. Get free Testnet BNB & BUSD
  • Paste your wallet address in the Input field
  • Select Peggy Tokens: 10 BUSD
  • The system will automatically give you free testnet tokens (10 BUSD).
  • Each IP address can only receive 1 time every 24 hours.
5. Transfer BNB from Spending wallet to Crypto Wallet as gas fee
To make a transfer of 10 BUSD from Crypto wallet to Spending wallet, you need BNB as gas fee (transaction fee), but because you only receive 1 type of Token every 24 hours. Therefore you need to transfer some BNB shared by SingSing when creating an account in Spending wallet to Crypto wallet.
  • Select Spending and Transfer.
  • Select BNB in ​​"Select item" and enter 0.005 BNB.
  • Press Confirm Transfer
6. Transfer BUSD from Crypto Wallet to Spending Wallet
  • Select Crypto Wallet
  • Click “To Spending” button
  • Select BUSD in "Select item" and choose Max or enter 10 BUSD.
  • Press Confirm Transfer
Finally, you have 10BUSD Testnet in your Spending wallet to participate in buying Microphones at Market in SingSing App and start testing Sing and Earn feature.